Green Belt




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Course Objective: For students to learn the foundations of Lean Six Sigma and develop problem solving, process improvement, and facilitator skills. A graduate from this course is able to effectively implement solutions that result in lower costs, faster delivery, higher quality, and increased safety of operations.

Course Description: Project based curriculum that leverages the use of simulations, case studies, and team dynamics for the most effective learning experience. Students learn and practice the skills necessary to map, analyze, and improve work processes, implement change management strategies, apply structured problem solving methods, apply root cause analysis tools, and implement proven Lean Six Sigma countermeasures.

There is a total of 30 classroom hours with an additional 4-5 hours of study to be completed after class hours. The previous day’s content will be reviewed at the beginning of days 2-5. A final team presentation and submission of project documentation is required for course completion.

Prerequisite: None