Utah Lean Six Sigma Training Center is the premier Lean Six Sigma training provider in Utah. We provide two highly interactive and focused courses.

Utah Lean Six Sigma Training Center Mission Statement:
Provide excellent Lean Six Sigma education in a way that is relevant, effective, affordable, and attainable for all.

Utah Lean Six Sigma Training Center Vision Statement:
To be the partner of choice for Lean Six Sigma training in Utah.

Utah Lean Six Sigma Training Center Core Values:
Integrity, Service, Diversity, Learning

Utah Lean Six Sigma Training Center Core Competencies:
The ability to deliver professional Lean Six Sigma training in a way that is engaging, educational, and entertaining.

Lean Six Sigma

Entire textbooks can be and have been written to answer the question “What is Lean Six Sigma?” The answer in VERY concise terms is…

Lean, which was originally known as Lean Manufacturing, is a systematic strategy by which waste in a process is identified and eliminated. It is dedicated to prioritizing what customers view as value and eliminating anything that distracts from producing that value in the most efficient way possible, all while improving quality.

Six Sigma is a set of skills and tools aimed at identifying and eliminating variation and causes of defects. Comprised of mainly statistical and quality management tools, Six Sigma is dedicated to producing processes by which 99.99966% of the outputs are defect-free.

The two fields have been combined into one large set of skills called Lean Six Sigma. Skilled professionals will use tools out of either or both of the now-combined toolboxes to solve whatever challenges they are facing. The key to success in Lean Six Sigma is knowledgeable practitioners who are also skilled at facilitating change while respecting the knowledge, skills, and abilities of those who work in the process every day.

Green Belts and Black Belts refer to the level of knowledge and skill a Lean Six Sigma professional has obtained. These are standard terms which are recognized in almost any industry. Green Belts are change agents involved in the day-to-day tactical level of any organization. Black Belts are also change agents with greater skill and knowledge that is applied at the higher strategic level of an organization.


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