It is important that employers recognize that they will be getting the best value for their investment in your training.  Frankly, they would be poor stewards of your company’s training dollars if they didn’t! When submitting your proposal to attend either the Green Belt or Black Belt training, consider this information:

  • The Utah Lean Six Sigma Training Center courses are instructor-led and last for 5 days.  You will want to consider the time you will miss from work and develop a plan to ensure your duties are covered.
  • Having managed corporate training programs, Utah Lean Six Sigma understands the need to get a good return on training investment.  We are passionate about delivering training that meets or exceeds our customer’s expectations.
  • Lean Six Sigma training is applicable to all industries, departments, roles, and employees.
  • A professional with Lean Six Sigma training is a better leader and problem solver.
  • Utah Lean Six Sigma training is VERY cost effective, especially when compared to other training alternatives.
  • Lean Six Sigma training improves morale by improving the professional (and often personal, as a result) lives of those involved.

Learn more by reading our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Lastly, we recognize that you have many options when seeking training.   We take our roles as educators and the trust placed in us very seriously. Our goal is for you to receive the best educational experience you’ve ever had.  Our commitment to you is that you will experience training that is impactful, engaging, and effective.

What’s next?  Check out our upcoming calendar of classes to choose the one that fits your schedule the best.


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